Anytime, Anywhere

An education takes place in and out of the classroom. With Menco, teachers and students connect anytime, anywhere.

Social Learning

Give students new ways to engage, participate and express themselves. With Menco, teachers and students can post discussion topics, assign homework, share videos and more to foster collaboration and make learning social.

Collaborative Learning

On Menco, teachers create groups and collaborate with other teachers to improve learning outcomes, and share and discover new resources.

Features of Menco Cloud Classroom

Mobile learning

Connect with your class anytime, anywhere.


Search videos and assessments and share them with your students.


Teachers and students see knowledge point mastery .


Join or create a learning community, share resources and discuss around topics.


Reliable, scalable, and robust cloud-based platform.


Teachers and students ask questions and comment in their cloud classroom.


See upcoming events, quizzes and assignments .


Teachers create groups and assign tasks by groups.

User Management

Create, import, export user data. Set roles and permissions.

Real-time polling

Conduct in-class polls with our student response system.
In order to create your own cloud classroom, create your account for free on or contact the Menco team at

Phone number:400-873-0968     E-mail:[email protected]