Assessment for Learning

Formative assessment helps teachers recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately. As a result, students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work.

Data-Driven Instruction

Menco is the central location of classroom data where teachers collect and view students' learning data. Teachers adapt their teaching based on students’ grades and mastery of knowledge points.


Menco delivers real-time visibility into student performance to drive instructional decisions at the district, school, class, group and individual students' levels. Real-time feedback helps teachers accelerate students' learning.

Features of Menco Data-Driven Instruction

Bubble Sheets

Print your own bubble sheets to assess students on Menco.

Online Assessment

Create online assessments students can take anytime, anywhere.

Question Analysis

Immediate feedback about students’ scores, question by question.

Learning Map

Student see their individual learning progress over time.


Conduct teacher, student or parent surveys.


Scan bubble sheets with your computer and a webcam. The easiest way to collect data. Powered by GradeCam.

Knowledge Point Reports

Teachers and students are notified for new tasks, posts or comments.

Classroom Comparison

Ability to compare data across classrooms.


School or district collaboration to share assessments.


Secure school and student data encrypted with ssl technology.
In order to see how Menco can help your school implement formative assessment, create your account for free on or contact the Menco team at

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