Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use, Important Notice and Disclaimer

Menco products are committed to the provision of educational services. Any user of the information and services contained within this site should make sure that this Important Notice and Disclaimer is duly read. The act of accessing this website or use of any content and information contained within shall be deemed to have read and agreed to all the contents of this statement and the terms of use without objection.

2. Service Statement

Menco reserves the right to suspend all or any part of its service without prior notice as a result of upgrades, revision or other requirements. All content and services provided herein or content and services to be provided by this website will be subject to the terms of use and this statement.

3. Disclaimer
  1. The information and services on this website are provided on an "as is" basis. It is the responsibility of the users to verify their potential risks. Menco cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, and effectiveness of the provided contents, and is not liable for any dispute, damage or loss as a result of or in relation to these contents.
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4. User actions

Utilization of Menco is subjected to Chinese laws, administrative regulations and local laws and regulations:

  1. Users must not use Menco to produce, reproduce, publish, or disseminate the following information:
    1. Violates of the basic principles of the Constitution of China
    2. Endangers Chinese national security, leaks of classified information, undermines national unity
    3. Defiles Chinese national honor and interests
    4. Promotes ethnic discrimination
    5. Propagates cult or feudal superstitions
    6. Undermines social stability
    7. Spreading of pornographic material, instigating gambling, violence, murder, terror or criminal behavior
    8. Insults or slanders others, infringes upon their legitimate rights and interests
    9. Other content prohibited by local and national laws of your region
  2. Do not use Menco services engaged in the following activities:
    1. Accessing or utilization of Menco information network resources without permission
    2. Creating, modifying or deleting internal Menco information without permission
    3. Establishing mirror services to Menco without permission
    4. Entering, creating, modifying, or deleting content Menco users’ networks without permission
    5. Intentionally spreading of computer viruses and other harmful / destructive programs
    6. Participating in other harmful network behaviors
  3. Do not interfere Menco ‘s services in any way

    Violation of the laws and regulations above will result in immediate termination or restriction of the offending account. The losses, to Menco or its users, caused by offending actions must be compensated (including, but not limited to fines, court costs, and attorney fees).